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ABOUT [“T4B”] provides private tutors for the MBE, ESSAY and Performance Test. T4B tutors work one-on-one with students in a customized program designed to help improve their overall bar exam score. We understand that each student learns differently, so we design tutoring programs that are specific to the needs of our students.  

The bar exam is no ordinary exam. Everyone from politicians to individuals who were at the top of their class, fail the bar. It’s not a law school exam. It’s about knowing mass quantity of the RIGHT information, and being able communicate that information correctly, within the time required.

Our program is unlike your ordinary tutoring service. We intentionally do not take on many students, because the amount of time and prep work that goes into every session will only be effective if our Tutors have right amount of time to prepare and customize the program for each of their students. We truly believe in helping our students pass the bar.

We commit ourselves to the quality of our work. Although, we cannot guarantee that every student will pass the bar, what we can guarantee is our dedication and service to our students shall be at all times above their expectations.

Allow us the opportunity to prove to you the value of our service, and most importantly, allow us the opportunity to help you pass the bar exam!

We are available 24/7 for all of our potential students and current students. Contact us with all of your inquires at 215-833-0133, or email us at

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