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The essay portion of the bar exam consists of Tort Law, Criminal Law, Evidence Law, Property Law, Constitutional Law, and Contract Law. Additionally, depending on the state, some bar exams have state specific subjects that are tested during the essay portion.

We are currently providing private tutoring for the essay portion of the Pennsylvania, and New Jersey bar exam. Private tutoring for the essay portion of the bar exam consists of seven classes, customized for each individual student. Additional classes are available upon request. However, additional classes are usually not necessary. (Additional classes are subject to a reduced hourly rate.)

ESSAY TUTORING SESSIONS: (The following list identifies our approach to the essay portion of the bar exam, in terms of what a Student can expect during his/her tutoring session.)

·     General/Advanced Essay Techniques and Strategies (Format, Rule, Analysis, Fact Development…)

·     Bar Exam Techniques (Different from General/Advanced Essay Techniques and Strategies, in that Bar Exam Techniques deal with stress management, time management, and other unique bar exam guidelines.)

·     Question and Answer Sessions (Question and Answer Sessions, extend to writing techniques, law analysis, and individual state specific topic analysis.) 

·     Essay Assignments & Review (Usually between 2-3 essays)

Students registered for the Pennsylvania bar exam have the option of combining their essay tutoring sessions with the New Jersey bar exam tutoring sessions. By combining the session students can expect two additional private tutoring sessions. (The hourly rate for the two additional sessions will be reduced by 25 %.)

We are available 24/7 for all of our potential students and current students. Contact us with all of your inquires at 215-833-0133, or email us at

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