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The MBE consist of six subjects Tort Law, Criminal Law, Evidence Law, Property Law, Constitutional Law, and Contract Law. The level of difficulty amongst the MBE subjects various depending on the students. Students will find that there are just some subjects that are extremely easy; and perhaps all that they require from our service, is a class that deals with multiple choice techniques and strategies. Students will also find that there are some subjects that are extremely difficult. Those students will benefit from one of our comprehensive MBE subject classes; that break down the rules of a particular MBE subject, introduce likely MBE questions, and consistently test our students on the material that they have recently learned during their tutoring sessions.  

MBE TUTORING SESSIONS: (The following list identifies our approach to the MBE, in terms of what a Student can expect during his/her tutoring session.)

·     General MBE Techniques and Strategies (How to effectively pick the right  


·     Lessons on Rules (Each session students are taught rules of the selected 


·     Workflow of Each Rule (Each session students are taught where the rules fit

       within the selected MBE subject).

·     MBE Questions Commonly Asked on the MBE

·     Memorization Techniques

·     Bar Exam Techniques (Different from MBE Techniques and Strategies, in that

       Bar Techniques deals with stress management, and time management.)

·     Question and Answer Sessions

·     MBE Assignments & Review

·     MBE Pop Quiz & Review

Students have the option of taking a basic technique and strategy class, an MBE subject specific class, or several/all MBE subject specific classes.

We are available 24/7 for all of our potential students and current students. Contact us with all of your inquires at 215-833-0133, or email us at

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